Ashkenazi Colonialism: Eastern Europe Had Anarchism – And the People Suffered Under Despotism

[C]ontext: My objective is to falsify if not quash and destroy the Anglo, German, and Jewish Enlightenments, as deceptive, erroneous, and catastrophic failures to generalize group evolutionary strategies, so that I may explain the next step in our political evolution: to replace monopoly government (majority rule) with the combination of strictly constructed, objectively moral, universal, rule of law, with a political market for the voluntary production of commons wherein we replace majority assent with minority dissent only possible by legal means. Hence I attack the anglo equalitarian, german rationalist, and jewish pseudoscientific systems of thought. While science has invalidated the anglo over the past two decades, and propertarian philosophy has allowed me to invalidated the german because of the 20th century advances in the philosophy of science, it has taken me longer to understand why the jewish means of propaganda (deception) is so effective at deceiving the pathological altruism of western europeans. This post is another in the series on the origins of jewish propagandism (loading, framing, overloading and suggesting suicidal actions.)

[M]y interest in anarchism evaporated after a few months of living in Ukraine. Because Eastern Europe is where the Cosmopolitan authors got their ideas – from practicing it.

A minority managing and preying upon society through privatization of commons produced by conqueror’s military action, but not paid for by the managers themselves.

In other words, Cosmopolitan Anarchism is a dishonest attempt to restore the predation of private ownership prosecuted by the Jews against eastern Europe under the protection of external military conquerors (austrian, lithiania, poland, muscovy).

In more accurate terms: Ashkenazi Colonialism. Wherein an administrative class is effectively hired to parasitically manage a conquered people and territory.

We see this pattern in Iraq, where the same people have formed the administrative (bureaucratic) layer for the Bathist regime. We saw this in Russia where the same people formed the ideological and administrative layer for the Soviets – and the slaughter of the people. We see this in america where the same people have formed the propaganda layer (previously the priesthood) in academy and media for the imperial and colonial american state, and the combined neo-puritain, socialist, libertine, and neo-conservative agendas.

In his book “The Fatal Embrace” author “Benjamin Ginsburg” argues that the jews must end their ongoing strategy of allying with the state as a means of oppressing the people, because in every case it results in their exclusion or extermination.

—“Thus, over the past several centuries, Jews have played important roles in the construction of absolutist, liberal, and socialist states as well as major parts in movements seeking to reform or supplant regimes to which they were unable to obtain access. Jews have traditionally offered their services to the state in exchange for the regime’s guarantee of security and opportunity. Ironically, however, precisely this relationship between Jews and the state has often sparked organized anti-Semitic attacks.”— (See:

Anarchism is an ode to lost predation on the serfs of Eastern Europe just like James Bond is an ode to lost empire: they’re both fictions, and late twentieth century action movies are an ode to America’s lost moral high ground.

“Voluntary-everything” is equivalent to Lawlessness. It is another great deception like Marxism and neoconservatism: a half truth preying upon the optimistic moral bias of western aristocratic egalitarians and their pathological altruism.

Liberty, meaning the ability to do as you with without imposing costs upon others, is a product of the rule of law. And the only principle means of decidability for law that can possibly produce a condition of liberty is the prohibition on the imposition of costs, which we express as property rights, and the scope of those rights evolves in parallel to the evolution of the means of imposing costs that is the product of the expansion of technologies, methods of cooperation, and the division of labor.

And we seek parasitism because it is much easier and more rewarding than production. So a few moral men rally to prohibit these parasitisms so that they and all can prosper. Those few men impose rule of law on an immoral population.

These men constitute the western aristocracy.

Rule of law. Nomocracy. The prohibition on the imposition of costs that result in free riding on the productivity of others.

Aristocracy is the only source of liberty.

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