How Does The Republican Party Justify Its Desire To Legislate Morality, If The Core Of The Republican Belief Is In A Government That Should, When Possible, Not Interfere In The Lives Of Its Citizens?

Common false argument.

The conservative position is indo-european, and is easily visible in Greece: It is possible to resolve conflicts rationally. But we pay the penalty for our hubris if we assume we are wiser than we have evidence to prove.

The point is not that we should not change, but that we are not wise enough to legislate change. 

Turns out they’re right most of the  time.

Conservatives do understand that the society is falling apart because of the decline of the absolute nuclear family. It may be NICER for some people to be single unwed parents, but those people emerge with different moral intuitions and different political preferences.

It turns out that monogamous absolute nuclear marriage is perhaps the most important invention of western civilization.  And we’ve accidentally destroyed it as a social institution.

In that sense, they aren’t ‘wrong’.   There is no free lunch. We aren’t that smart.

If you can slowly demonstrate that something works without harm, then that’s fine. Conservatives will adopt it. If you engage in hubris, then you’re fighting the core principle of conservatism:

We aren’t all that bright, and there are tremendous external consequences when we’re wrong.

Like the liberal’s destruction of the black family, and the current expansion of that destruction of the nuclear family into the hispanic and lower class white communities.

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