The Three Weapons of Influence and the Evolution of Laws

(Natural Law is an excuse that justifies indo-european / Hanseatic property rights)

[T]here are only three means of coercion (weapons of influence), although they can be, and are frequently, used in concert:
1) Force (threatening, punishing, killing)
2) Remuneration (payment/opportunity – boycott/deprivation)
3) Gossip (rallying, shaming, ostracizing)

We can engage in force to create property, remuneration once we possess it, and gossip to advocate it. Or we can do just the opposite.

The Jewish historical method is to apply the female reproductive strategy (gossip), because they lack the numbers (and the ability) to fight. Westerners took the libertarian strategy(synthesis). The barbarians take the masculine strategy of predation.

Jewish law, Islamic law, and Natural Law represent the three attempts to construct a legal system on first principles. However, jewish and islamic maintained ingroup/outgroup polylogical ethics, mysticism and authoritarianism.

Natural law (which propertarianism translates from rational to scientific, just as lock translated it from theological to rational) is typically western attempt at science (“without intent”), by stating that these principles are required for flourishing – which is true. However, that is the reverse logic. The obverse is that these rules are required for voluntary cooperation and the voluntary organization of production, and to suppress parasitism of the people by the rulers(nobility), governors(politicians), and state (bureaucracy).

I do not use the term natural law for Propertarianism, just as I do not use critical rationalism for testimonialism. The reason being that these archaic terms are too loaded and open to bias and interpretation. But for all intents and purposes I have continued the Natural Law tradition, just as the natural law philosophers continued the greek and roman traditions: noble families would not surrender power to a tyrant and as such required rules of voluntary cooperation. Just

So I see the battle between western science, libertarianism, universalism, and truth telling and eastern pseudoscience, authoritarianism, separatism, and deceit, as continuing.

We first had an invasion of babylonian mysticism and authoritarianism.
Then we had an invasion of Christianity.
Then we had the invasion of Marxism/Boazianism/freudianism (pseudoscience)
Then we had the invasion of Cultural Marxism (ridicule of excellence – shaming us for our excellences.)

Three waves of increasingly articulate lies.

The only way to defeat lying as a strategy, is to defeat lying altogether as a possible strategy, just as we have defeated every other form of fraud.

Testimonialism and the legal protection of the informational commons under universal standing may seem a bit expensive.

But it is less expensive than the alternatives: the ongoing conquest of the west. And the loss of the truth telling civilization to another dark age.


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