The Great Decoupling Part II -Is Tech Driving Income Equality? No. But Tech Firms Are.

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1) Yes, global inequality on a COUNTRY by COUNTRY level is declining (profoundly). This is because few countries fail to adopt and practice consumer capitalism (the voluntary organization of production distribution and trade, made possible by fiat money and credit: the use of shares in the nation’s government as a money substitute.)

2) BUT, as a consequence, the FIRM that you work for is now more influential than your COUNTRY in determining your relative income.
*If you let that sink in, it will profoundly alter your perception of the world. The west developed rule of law (instead of rule by law), property rights, contract law, accounting, banking, credit, interest, fiat money, fiat credit, high-trust, and consumer capitalism – but like any technology, this consumer capitalism is open to adoption. Furthermore, it is this consumer capitalism that is the origin of western relative prosperity, and democracy is an expensive luxury good made possible by consumer capitalism and high trust. The west will continue to prosper as long as high-trust is preserved. But, preservation of this high trust – the extension of kinship trust to customers and neighbors – is incompatible with current political doctrine. Small homogenous scandinavian countries on the edge of a wet continent with no hostile borders, and no competitors are not role models – they are outliers.*

Curt Doolittle
The Philosophy of Aristocracy
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

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