The Intertemporal Division of Coercive Specialization

[C]oercive Specialization: Conservative, Libertarian, and Progressive

May / may not = conservative.
Can / can not = libertarian.
Should / should not = Progressive.

Accumulate = conservative.
Produce = libertarian.
Consume = progressive.

K selection = conservative.*
Exchange selection = libertarian.*
R selection = progressive.*

Long term = conservative.
Medium term = libertarian.
Short term = progressive.

Law = conservative.
Trade = libertarian.
Gossip = progressive.

Commodity Money (gold) = conservative.
Fiduciary Media (notes) = libertarian.
Fiat Currency (shares) = progressive.

Force : Law (limit on parasitism) : Conservatism.
Remuneration. : Trade (utility) : Libertarianism.
Gossip (shaming) : Religion and Norms ( deprivation of opportunity to cooperate) : Progressivism.

There exist only three technologies of coercion.
It should not surprise us that humans specialize in each.
Or that we should organize into groups led by specialists in each.
Of that some would master more than one : Statism: Lying(gossip), bribing(remuneration) and commanding (law).
Or that mastery of a positive use of coercion would also produce mastery of a negative use of coercion.

The only “truth” we can ever know in politics, is productive, fully informed voluntary exchange, free of imposition of costs by externality.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

* “K” is for carrying capacity. “r” is for rate of growth. If you have limited resources, you need competition, that’s where K excels – The male reproductive strategy. If you have free resources, your best option is to grow wildly, that’s where r excels – The female reproductive strategy. Exchange reproductive strategy refers to the strategy of ‘homo economicus’: productivity.

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