Hang ’em Early and Often (Really)

(In response to news that Duarte will reinstitute the death penalty and hold weekly hangings, I’ve reluctantly agreed that this is an important tradition)

[T]he death penalty is probably one of the most positive influences of all traditional institutions when used aggressively against violent career criminals. Particularly if they are young and have not reproduced. Sterilisation of females is probably even better since their constant ‘invisible’ crimes are moral and indirect thefts rather than ethical and direct thefts. So whether we hang or sterilize we make the world a better place. And the way to prevent hanging and sterilizing is to control reproduction by upward redistribution of rates of reproduction, rather than the downward that we have been conducting for the past century and a half – thereby losing a standard deviation in IQ.

Hang early and often.

—“You’re psycho.”—Todd Saunders

Actually I have been forced to change to and hold this opinion by the evidence. Sorry. I’m a scientist not a priest.

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