(venting) Boomers: So Die Already.


[I] will be happy when all these 60’s scions are settled in the earth, and I don’t have to hear one more time how great the sixties were. I was there. They sucked. It was the proletarian generation. The first chance the proles had at participating in higher education and consumer society, and look what they did with it. … Yeah, I’m sure you’re impressed by the rapid expansion of folk, prole, and dance music. Sorry. It’s the hot-dog of the artistic diet. Dished up in heaping piles for the bread and circus of the half human beasts that destroyed our great artistic civilization. Thankfully, your forgettable audio and visual dysentery will be forgotten, and dismissed as another product of the second attempted conversion of the west, and the century of pseudoscience, propaganda, outrightlying, and neo-mysticism. So die already. Thanks.

The Future
(vent off)

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