Can We Construct A Fixed Constitution?


I am fairly certain that it is possible if not necessary to construct a finished constitutional basis for rule of law.

It may be impossible to imagine the means of production of commons that we call government within that rule of law.
Because the basis of the rule of law appears to be a universal logical necessity.

Yet the basis of government production of commons under rule of law is a mere technology that must adapt to innovations in knowledge.

Just as the common law must constantly innovate in order to prohibit newly found means of imposing costs upon others against their will.

So from this perspective the hierarch of law is:

    1) Rule of law and Logic of contract (fixed)
    2) Resolutions of disputes. ( juridically expandable)
    3) Construction of commons. (Constitutionally modifiable)

Which is a bottom up construction of a constitutional order.

Curt Doolittle.
The Propertarian Institute.
Kiev, Ukraine.

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