I Don’t Do Anti-Semitism. I do Truth and Rule of Law

[A]gain. Please do not go all anti jewish on me. I dont do racism. it’s tedious and useless. I know how the germans failed. i know how the french failed. I know how we anglos failed. I don’t think the jews of the 19th and 20th centuries knew what they were doing any more than the Germans, French and Anglos knew what they were doing. We all work with the frames of reference we get from our cultures.

I want to know how to accomplish the elimination of lying in the social sciences, and law, what we accomplished with the elimination of mysticism and the elimination of rationalism.

To do that I must understand the technique. Did Plato know what he was doing? I am not sure. Did Socrates? I am not sure Did Aristotle = I think he did. Did Smith and Hume? I think they did. Did Jefferson, yes. Did Marx, I don’t think so. Did Adorno and crew? I have no idea but according to him, not really. Did Rand and Rothbard – rand maybe, rothbard I don’t think so.

The technique of the talmud is quite simple: duplicity. The question is, why does it work so well?

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