Isn’t America a Germanic Not Just Anglo Country?

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(I will write more on this later. But it will explain my emphasis on operationalism and strict construction)

[B]efore about 1830, when the British Empire adopted commercial universalism, Britain was a member of germanic, north sea, hanseatic, civilization.

We tend to compare our British ancestors to Today’s Britons who are heavily catholicized and franglicized, and certainly members of socialist cults of hyper signaling through quests for artificial moralism.

But the majority of anglo immigrants arrive before the civil war, and the majority of german immigrants before the second world war. And the majority of white americans trace their history to germanic origins.

Our warriors in our wars – all of them – are largely germanic. Our Teutons (warrior caste) have been our great leaders.

Our founders had far more in common with their german counterparts in pre-unification Germany, than they did with middle class and commercial victorian Britons. They may have spoken English. They may have learned French. They may have ridiculed the ‘backwardness’ of the Germans. But for all intents and purposes they were Germanic, Protestant, Hanseatic, North Sea peoples with germanic aspirations and germanic values. And because of its libertarian political structure, Hanseatic Civilization (of the north sea peoples) does not receive historical treatment that the statist era the destroyed it under napoleon, and with napoleon set the destruction of western civilization in motion.

The american states had more in common with the german principalities than they did with their British ancestors.

Our indoctrination into the ‘frame’ of war-making-nation-states obscures too much information from us. There is some truth that in the ancient, medieval, and modern worlds, there was an acknowledge conspiracy between today’s catholic(mediterranean trade) states that the germans be left alone so that they defended the frontier from the barbarians of the east. But we are a germanic people – a north sea people. Water ways determined evolution more so than land masses since it is waterways that provide routes for discounted conduct of trade.

The american civil war – over control of the continent with slavery as the excuse – and Lincoln’s destruction of the germanic states, and their conversion to Napoleonic centrality, was the second great tragedy of Europe. And the attempt to unify Europe under a federal government the third great tragedy.

We can now only struggle to overthrow the failed Enlightenment projects, and return to polycentrism which was the competitive cause of western political, military, and commercial innovation.

Scale increases the promise of mutual insurance in exchange for the stagnation and systemic parasitism that results from all organizational certainty. Only change and conflict strengthen (see Taleb), and certainty increases fragility.

So we can also state that libertarian sentiments of our anglo saxon ancestors were artificially protected just as the libertarian sentiments of our Icelandic and american ancestors. And that it is only our Scandinavian(middle ages) and Prussian(enlightenment) ancestors that held europe’s indo-european warrior traditions as central cultural values. (This is an uncomfortable truth that libertarians will have difficulty swallowing.)

America is a Germanic Country, Conquered by French Nation-statism, Invaded by The Second Great Jewish Lie of Pseudoscience, The Great Deceit of Postmodernism that followed, and saved only by the challenge of overcoming the nearly but not fully, strictly constructed Anglo Saxon Common Law. Hence my radically analytic pursuit of Truth, and Strict Construction (operationalism) so that it is possible to reform our ancient germanic polycentric government so that it cannot be changed by political means, can may only evolve methods of voluntary cooperation.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

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