Never Bend At The Knee Involuntarily – Ever

—“The thing I hate about cops is it really grates having to bend the knee to those who are, by most measures, my inferiors.”—- Eli Harman

[Y]eah. I’ve actually taken to using “Who do you think you’re talking to soldier?” in a demanding paternal voice to anyone in uniform. Strange how well it works. And in public I’m testing “I am a gentleman, and you will treat me as such.” This leaves the implied ‘or else’. And in groups “I am aristocracy. And I will tolerate this behavior.”

Always good to let the little people know who is in charge.

Works much better when you’re over 50. But I didn’t realize how often I was doing it when I was younger.

Authority is an air. It is not cultivated so much as constructed. Not contrived so much as instinct. Not learned so much as practiced.

The world needs us. When we abandon our paternalism we leave the lesser people to the victimization of the lower life forms.

**Every man a noble, every man a judge, every man a sheriff, every man a warrior, every man a craftsman.**

***It is through individual intolerance for barbarism that we build our great civilization.***

One of my first oaths is:
“Aristocracy May Not Be Bound”.

–I agree to the one law, the moral law of property. I do not agree to any other. And any man who binds me shall die by my hand or the hand of my brothers. And I swear to all my brothers that any man who binds my brother shall die by my hand or the hand of my brothers.—

This is an modern version of the initiatic brotherhood of soldiers – which appears to be older than our memories, but no less than 3500 years old.

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