The Multitude of Luddisms We Call Political Philosophy – Our Failure to Scale

[I] am beginning to see Rothbardian Libertinism, if not Puritanism, Socialism and Communism, as intellectually limited failures of maturity. They’re all forms of Luddism. They are failures to innovate to adapt to changes in scale.

Just as the 20th century thinkers failed to grasp the problem of existential possibility (operationalism and intuitionism) and of criticism over justification (morality and contract over science and truth), we failed to evolve government to adapt to the new scale.

Worse, we were so temporarily rich in the west due to the invention of industrial revolution, that we could afford a century of folly.

Markets in everything. There is no common good. There are only many theoretical goods waiting to be discovered, exploited, and abandoned in the face of newly invented goods.

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