Q&A: Did You Ever Think That Lying Makes Life Beautiful?

—“Curt Doolittle , did you ever think about the fact that truth is boring and lying (telling stories) makes the life beautiful? You have to be talented in order to lie, not everybody can do it well… BuI bet that many people have not the time and patience to read your arguments…”—Grete Tartler Tabarasi

[I] think many things. Among them, that I agree that lying is a talent. I also agree that murder, violence, theft, fraud, fraud by omission, free riding, privatization of the commons conspiracy, conversion, invasion and conquest require great skill.

And that theft by such methods is rewarding and enjoyable – and certainly preferable to engaging in production, holding to contract and promise, and speaking the truth and the whole truth.

So some of us must do the yeoman’s labor of capturing, chaining, imprisoning and hanging those who murder, steal, lie, and cheat.

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