Why So Much Time And Effort On Anti-Racism? Self Correction.


My job is to come up with a solution. You either help me do that or you don’t. Bitching about other races and groups with competing strategies is just masturbation.

I love my race and my kin and my culture because all men must love their tribe for it to persist in the great climb to godhood.

But I see a world of aristocracies: of small nation states – extended tribes – trying to raise their gene pools – their kin – into godhood. This is my vision of the world.

I am against multi-culturalism as a form of polylogism – the logically impossible, legally undecidable, and the means by which we increase demand for authority. It is counter rational, It is pseudoscientific. It is a lie. Plain and simple. There is a limited value to cultural assimilation of invention, and cultural assimilation of the best most aristocratic genes. Everything else is pollution of the genetic, normative, and material economies. It’s not subjective opinion but fact.

So sorry if I am not a racist in the sense that I hate others. I merely seek an institutional solution whereupon on group CANNOT PREY UPON another, and must survive by merit only. I am not even so much of a separatist as requiring full assimilation in exchange for benefitting from a superior commons.

It doesn’t help me or us if you whine about others. It helps if you get up and demonstrate, or punish, or even kill those who allow others to conquer us. But it does nothing to criticize others for wanting a better life at our expense.

The state is a for profit self-serving enterprise at the expense of the families it preys upon. It is time to kill a lot of people. Those in the Academy, State, Media complex.

Thank goodness rope is cheap, and guillotines are efficient.

Curt Doolittle
The Philosophy of Aristocracy

—“There is little honor in picking on the weak and inferior, but there is still less in allowing them to be established as the standard of value, to accomplish the total inversion of virtues. It is not their enablers alone, who merit ridicule and criticism, though they do merit the lion’s share”—Eli Harman

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