Is Islam Objectively Evil? Why?

[I]t is not that one fails to comprehend it (accept its fallacies). It is that it is objectively evil in every dimension:

One does not judge a product by its advertising but by it's performance.
One does not judge a religion by its narrative or claims, but by the status of its adherents.
One does not judge a statement by its meaning or justification but by its truth or falsehood.
One does not justify antique (primitive) language and reasoning ,in modern (advanced) context.

So advocates make at least these four errors – all of which are both false and mere excuses to do what is familiar rather than to do what is true.

Islam is the most regressive philosophy on earth – it is even worse than communism. All others are superior.

They are superior because the epistemology, social order, and objective of the competitors are superior.

The only measure of a philosophy is the economic status of its adherents.

The only measure of a business plan is its success in the market.

The only measure of a political system is its non-parasitic
production of commons.

The only measure of your argument is an excuse to persist what amounts to one of the great lies of history that weaponizes ignorance.

Islam spreads ignorance in the mind and consequential poverty. Just as communism spread pseudoscience and poverty.

Every word you speak it its advocacy defense, or practice is destructive to mankind.

This a merely an empirical statement. I can, conversely, construct an internal consistent argument of why islam manufactures ignorance, but this is beyond this conversation. And with both internal consistency and external correspondence, and moral objectivity, we have constructed a scientific argument that objectively demonstrates that islam is everything a devil would wish it to be: the cancer of mankind.

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