Translating Chinese Policy Into Words

“[I]f we possess a reserve currency, and maintain the military means of defending it and our trade routes, then we can capture the premium on trafficking contracts, exchanges, and their negotiations currently captured by the British/American financial and trade route system – and by doing so may cause a drastic reduction in the USA’s ability to finance it’s system, provide competition to that trade system, provide one that is not as meritocratic but more suitable to our needs, and cause a significant drop in the american standard of living such that we restore our ancestral position as first-nation in the world.”

“Agree with what you wrote Curt, but while the meritocratic system worked for the US initially, the US just doesn’t make them like it used to. Therefore, the US is now viewed as a country no longer interested in propagating the best products/standards/ideas throughout the world, but in only maintaining its 80-year financial/military/industrial advantage. In short, the US is in danger, if it hasn’t already, of becoming just another friggin’ country. It’s a shame, but the Chinese are incentivised to overturn the existing system and to create a new one. As American living standards drop, so does its military capabilities, and I suspect that’s what China is really after.” — Sean Ring

Shared vision.

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