A Complete Response to a Critical Competitor

( Dear idiot. Actually, I work. I work every freaking day. I work hard. I work harder than most men have the ability to, or can comprehend working. I gave up everything in my life to do this work. I mastered my craft. With that craft I have made an art. I am fully aware of the monument that I am constructing.

So go f__k yourself. I am not a politician seeking votes, a priest begging for acceptance, an academic looking for compensation, or a public intellectual seeking status. I am a warrior constructing a battle plan.

I don’t want your approval, agreement, or consent. I want your submission, surrender, defeat, conquest, and if necessary, your death, and if possible your extermination. We will eat your words, your hearts, your offspring, your heritage and your fantasies, and leave you and yours in the dust with the remains of the other extinct animals that have passed because we could not domesticate them. And the universe will be better for your passing.

We are aristocracy. We gave you the choice that we give all others before you. Yet you chose poorly. You would not grant us reciprocal insurance, nor enter into the contract for the ascent of man, nor consent to wield the truth. You are therefore not equal. You are not ascendent man, but descendent animal. A hindrance to transcendence. A hindrance to mankind. An obstacle to overcome. A resource to be used. Prey to be consumed. And having refused our offer of mutual cooperation, we no longer are morally bound to invest further in the option of encouraging you. Those who remain can leave, be sterilized, or die. This choice we leave you also. We can only pray you choose wisely this time and save us the cost of your extermination. )

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