The Mirror May Lie. But Failure Tells Us The Truth.

[I]f you want to bitch about others I have no time for it. Each group pursues its group evolutionary strategy. It is as foolish to criticize a gypsy, jew, or muslim as it is to criticize a cow or an ape. They know no better.

The problem is not them. The problem is US. If we will not defend against them, then we are no different from the samurai who would not adopt guns because it disrupted their status hierarchy. Meanwhile westerners adopted guns – which can be employed sufficiently with a few days of training – and conquered those warriors of the hand world wide who spent years gaining adequate proficiency.


Either adopt a technology or invent a superior one.
We are men of the west. We invent. We invented almost everything.

I am reinventing truth, and restoring law.

That is our weapon. That is our technology. That is our advantage. And no other group appears to be able to wield it.

It will end the lies forever.

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