Attack on Profit Seeking using Virtue Signalling by an Ex Prostitute

(choice quotes for your rhetorical armory)

a) Author’s article is nothing but an act of personal promotion for drumming up business by yet another western example of pretentious virtue signaling. It is another kind of whoring. But in the end whoring none the less. The selling of false-virtue lies, rather than false-sex lies.

b) People sell all forms of entertainment that are contrary to life’s evidence.
People pay for all forms of entertainment that is contrary to life’s evidence. Sex is just one more of them. alcohol, drugs, movies, literature, media narratives, and pretentious virtue signaling are but a few examples of them.

c) People buy, sell, and tell themselves and each other pleasant lies to make their tedious boring unexceptional lives tolerable. And we are happy to buy and sell this bits of nonsense.

e) Voluntarily exchanged payments for such entertainment are much better than the alternative: sexy obtained by violence, entertainment by subjugation, and sustenance by enslavement and parasitism. Alcohol, storytelling and prostitution in all the various forms of paying women for sex one way or another are as old as human existence.

f) The waitress who smiles at your imbecilic wit, the shopkeeper who treats you with undeserved respect, the marketer who promises you feelings beyond your natural means, the politician who panders to your failure to mature into a productive adult. None of these differ from the prostitute who tells you that you’re attractive and she’s pleased by your company.

Liars all. Virtue Signaling included: our most fashionable current form of lying. These various fictions are a creature comfort we use to make the daily evidence of our personal irrelevance tolerable. Do not begrudge people fictions purchased in trade. They are far better than truths obtained by violence and conquest – which was the norm throughout our history.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

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