Something Useful To Say to Young Libertarians and Conservatives

[I] think, that if I could say something useful to young libertarian and conservative men and women, it would be that fulfillment and money are increasingly difficult to find in combination. Worse, you cannot any longer look for insurance from a stable family. Worse, it is now nearly impossible to save for your old age once you’re married – and are destined to be elderly, lonely, and poor. Worse, the world has been engineered since at least the 1960’s to destroy your traditions, your families, your people, and your futures with just as deliberate a plan as the extermination of the Jews. Except that this deliberate plan has been conducted by pseudo-intellectual, pseudo-scientific fraud, the intentional erasure of rule of law, and the gradual financialization and impoverishment of your peoples through a process of continuous financial extraction. So your feeling of ‘this isn’t right’ is an insight not just an intuition. It’s not right. You’re being exterminated.

So what can you do? You can let it happen, right? Or we can change the world forever, and obtain retribution and restitution from those who have committed these socio economic war crimes. To change the world I would recommend to find a job that makes money. To see social fulfillment in like minds. To develop knowledge of the world. To maintain adequate health and fitness. And to work in as many small ways as possible toward the revolution that we need to create. There is no one else to do it but you.

It’s your time. It’s your era. You are the generation that will save your families, your people, your culture, your civilization from genocide. But that revolution will not require money and passion. It will require knowledge and fitness.

Our history of revolutions is dependent upon the democratic narrative of popular will, popular press, and taking to the streets. This is not the revolution we will provide. Why? Because we do not need millions, we do not need money. We do not really need weapons. Money, millions and weapons are strategies that the enemy knows how to wield. We need to establish our demands, raise the cost of the status quo until they are met. To make the state ungovernable. And to take selective actions until the demands are met or the state and economy collapse.

Why is this important? Because if we are a credible enough threat, then none of the unpleasant need happen. But if we are not a credible threat, then we will need to make the unpleasant happen in order to become a credible threat. fortunately or not, the timing is arriving a little faster than most of us anticipated. But we will create a network, and start educating in the positives and the negatives. The solutions and the threats. There are those of us who will instill passions, those of us who will spread solutions, and those of us who will suggest plans, and those of us who will take actions.

I am fairly sure that I understand how this will play out. But it will play out. And we will succeed. Punish the wicked. Try the guilty. Change the laws. And never again will we be subject to fraud as a means of genocide against our people. But as last resort, if all else fails, we can just kill them all by spitting them upon pikes at every entrance and exit to this the west.

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  1. ‘deliberate a plan as the extermination of the Jews,’ isn’t that a lie? Isn’t it such an important lie that people go to jail in Europe for even questioning it?

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