The Ukrainian Revolution


1) The revolution was financed by local oligarchs not americans, because the president got greedy and threatened the other oligarchical clans. The American state department supports all people’s economic prosperity and economic development because this leads to peace, wealth, and governments hat focus on internal consumption not external expansion.

2) The talent left Ukraine and still does and the oligarchical families are really not very different from the Corleone’s except they’re steppe people and that’s worse. All that remains are the offspring of farmers, the people who are at the bottom, and the gangsters that run the country.

3) American involvement in the revolution here in Ukraine was largely an attempt to prevent bloodshed, as that would ‘look bad’. The reason the revolution is unsuccessful is america’s FAULT because if the right had actually killed a few dozen politicians they would have sufficient fear that they’d reform the bureaucracy. America HINDERED the revolution.

4) Reforming the bureaucracy is difficult because all of its members are now late middle age people who grew up under the soviet government. These people are a cancer that needs to be removed. To remove these people requires an act of ‘lustration’ (cleansing).

5) The government that matters:
i) The finance and treasury bureaucrats.
ii) Judges, Clerks, Bailiffs, Sheriffs.
iii) Police, Fire, Emergency, Healthcare
iiii) Water, sewer, power, gas, roads.
iiiii) Teachers and Professors
iiiiii) The military.
Thats it.

6) The only body of people that can be called upon to defeat corruption are the young, and they will indeed force the change. It might require that we hire three two young people for every position currently held, but at least we could be fairly comfortable that they would have Ukraine’s interests at heart.

7) The problem with the young is that they cannot take over the jobs of finance, treasury, judges, nor the senior roles in infrastructure. They just lack the skills. Bureaucracy takes little if any skill. But calculation does. These people must be brought in from Poland, the USA and Canada.

8) The problem for with making the change is that you must pay these people enough money and Ukraine is too poor.

9) Ukraine is too poor because it lacks credit for risk taking, and land is controlled by oligarchs and the army. 80%of land is owned by the government and sold for agricultural purposes. Housing is too expensive because it’s corrupt. Without land there is no way to create leverage for borrowing.

10) Ukraine needs lustration, particularly of the judiciary, and for it to be replaced by foreign Judges each of whom has multiple young assistants on every case using the apprentice method. Ukraine needs Right Sector volunteers who have risked their lives for their country to fulfill the jobs of sheriffs, working in teams of fives, and to enforce the orders of the courts whenever they apply to members of the state. Ukraine needs a single (blockchain) totally transparent property registry. Ukraine needs young people to create an investigation department that uses the ‘secret shopper’ method to try to bribe. Ukraine needs three foreign banks staffed by foreign people, to administer all government payments.

Ukraine is either a nation of Ukrainians struggling for a better life, or a prison in which the people are slaves. It is one or the other. Right now it is the latter.

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