What I Tell Ukrainians About America

[T]he Great Lies

1) America is just as corrupt as Ukraine, it is just much wealthier. Wealth hides many sins.

2) Great Lie 1: Democracy produces prosperity. Democracy is a luxury good, and the luxury is the product of Rule of Law. Democracy is not in and of itself a good. It is merely a method of distributing the proceeds from rule of law.

3) Great Lie 2: American violence. American violence problems are the product of our black and hispanic minorities, and that white crime is the same as in europe.

4) Great Lie 3: American happiness. Americans are very lonely people who have lost family and relations by moving around for work. Something like 40% of american women take anti-depressants. One of the leading causes of death of men over 50 is suicide from loneliness. Americans live alone or nearly alone in big empty houses. They use the television for fake friends. They are extremely status conscious and try to feel good about their lonely existences by overeating and consumption of consumer goods. The american economy is the result of conquering a continent and selling it off first to europeans then the second worlders and now to their worlders. This economy is dependent almost entirely on the financialization of the housing sector.

The origin of american prosperity comes from these factors:
1) the population was more german than anglo. OR at best 50/50.
2) the split in german civilization between the british and the germans happened in about 1830, and prior to that england was another german civilzation. America was more german than british.
3) We had a ruling class from the british and dutch upper class, who imported and refined british rule of law. We had a farming, working and martial class of germans.
4) Cheap land, rule of law, and financializatino of the sale of land to immigrants is the source of american prosperity.
5) The american revolution was an attempt to escape paying for the french and indian war that nearly bankrupted the crown. Americans started off as tax cheats.
6) The american civil war was not about slavery but about control of the western territories, which would have adopted slavery and united with the south against the north, leaving the north politically weakened, and a minority ruled from the south. (and you must remember that the south is largely from the lower classes of britain (scotts/irish), while the north from the middle and east of england.)
7) America was wrong to assist in constraining germany in both wars. Germany is the core state of western civilization.
8) American neo-conservative adventurism is a jewish not anglo or german movemnet within america.
9) The postwar consensus was this: we must never have another world war. To prevent a world war all states will be collectively forced (a) to stay within their borders, (b) to build their economies (c) to extend human (property) rights. The american policing of this policy was this: (a) you have the right to self determination – as long as you choose good world citizenship and construct a consumer capitalist economy rather than a militarily expansionist economy. (b) but if you choose poorly we will punish the hell out of you and your government. (c) Americans advocated democracy but what they meant was consumer capitialsm. Unfortunately, democracy is a ‘bad’ and has demonstrated itself to be a ‘bad’. Consumer capitalism has demonstrated itself to be a good.
10) America was able to defeat the world communism by requiring oil be purchased in US dollars, thereby allowing the USA to tax the developed world for the rapid increase in military spending, that the much poorer soviets could not match. Europe scammed the USA on this and cheated on paying the tax by developing the euro and paying for oil in euros. Ergo americans can no longer afford to pay to defend europe – or the world.
11) Iran was the fist to break the postwar consensus in a constant attempt to evolve into the core state of islamic cilvilizatino. Russia second by invading ukraine. China third by expansion into the south china seas. At this point the postwar consensus is broken and the USA is not wealthy and powerful enough to restore it.

Ukraine is a failed state. But it is not a failed people.
All we need in ukraine is:
a) Post soviet educational reform.
b) lustration of, and replacement of the bureaucracy.
c) lustration of, and replacement of the courts.
d) Rule of law, consumer credit, and ten years.
e) the buy back or shared interests between the oligarchs and the people on land.

But most of all we need a militia of volunteers who will kill every living soul that engages in corruption and does not assist in lustration.

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