All Groups Are ‘Different’ Morally, Including Jews…. and Westerners

—“Are Jews, (Gypsies, Arabs, Asians, Polynesians) inherently different, morally?”—

[E]very group is different morally because every group modifies its strategy as needed in order to compete. Virtue is a competitive strategy, not necessarily an intrinsic good.

a) Jews appear fairly constant in lower sexual dimorphism, and/or some reversal of sexual dimorphism (the women more masculine, the men more feminine)

b) the religion promotes dual ethics, and is extremely immoral in practice. The jews have a habit of allying with the state against the population. They have a habit of professionalizing parasitism by various means of fraud, and hazard creation. (They have this because they cannot create a warrior caste necessary to hold territory.) And so between selective breeding in the middle ages, and what appears a likely initial bias toward effeminacy. they lack our ‘rednecks’ who function as most groups ‘warrior ants’.

c) Because of what I suspect are verbal bias, and feminine bias, they have been the primary creators of ‘the big lies’. The most advanced “Gossip” systems ever created by man. (and this is something that is fascinating and worth study).

1) Scriptural Monotheism
2) Dual Ethics
3) Pseudoscience.
4) Propaganda (postmodernism)
5) High-externality Financialism (financial parasitism)

Bait with promise of discounts on reality, then draw resources parasitically through free riding, hazard, and fraud at scale.

Once you understand it, it will make you hate them for a few years. After you get passed it, you just learn how easy it is to defeat it.

Truth is enough.

We tamed violence, but we did not yet tame fraud.

It’s just time to tame fraud.

Blaming them for specializing in fraud is like blaming women for specializing in extracting resources from us, or others blaming us for specializing in war and innovation.

Tame fraud: Testimonialism.

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