The End Of The Westphalian Order

“You guys (Marines) are now 0 and 4 against guys in bathrobes and flip-flops running around with AK’s.”

“The state finds itself in an increasing crisis of legitimacy”

“The state has become the private hunting preserve of the establishment” (the deep state).

“The Establishment is just Kabuki for the people in flyover land.”

“Establishments can’t make things work. it’s one of serial failure.”

“The establishment absolves itself from its failures.”

“It cares only about remaining the establishment What happens to the rest of society is of little concern.”

“The cultural marxism of the Frankfurt school.”

“The purpose since 1919 has been the destruction of western culture and the christian religion.”

“People are transferring their loyalty away from the state, and to those groups that they belonged to prior to the Westphalian peace”

“We need an alliance of states against 4th generation groups. ”

Of course, I think the opposite: that we need to restore our ability to participate in local fourth generation warfare.

“The good news is that the money already has run out.”

“[The military is] The grandest middle and upper class welfare scheme ever conceived.”


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