August Quotes

—Part of being a man of good character is killing those that need killing for the sake of your family, tribe, and nation.”—Curt Doolittle

–“The truth is the truth no matter who speaks it.”— David Mondrus

—“I see the alt-right as the difference between morals and virtues. Morals being simply a set of rules that people follow and see as good, and virtues being good qualities within yourself, such as truth telling. The Alt-right is the first political movement in generations to have Virtue at its core. Because we’re the first political movement in generations to tell the truth.”—Dylan Bailey

1) The old republican party:evangelicals
2) The democratic party:anarchists (violence)
3) The new republican party:disenfranchised males
“— Curt Doolittle

—“Members of good families want nationalism, members of bad families universalism – in other words, they want a better family than made them.”–Curt Doolittle

—“God is a hedge by the irresponsible against the failures of the self, providing absolution consistent with time preferences, and an excuse not to go seek achievement of their capacity.”— John Jost
—“The politicians do not want us to tell the truth about Economics, politics, morality, and ethics. Because if we do they will be hung. There is no value in scale any longer. If polities are in conflict then separation is desirable. Different people need different norms and laws, and institutions to suit their levels of genetic distribution (development). This would decrease their power. We must always seek to decrease political power.”—

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