Liberty? Let me help you…. Only if you Rule.

You possess Liberty when you rule – else you have but permission. The purpose of rule is to prevent others from ruling – so that you possess Liberty in fact not permission. But this condition can only survive if you have numbers sufficient to deny competitors the ability to rule. But to work together in numbers we require means of cooperating and means of dispute resolution. But these means cannot allow for discretion or we would no longer possess Liberty. To solve this problem we cooperate using productive fully informed warrantied voluntary exchange. To resolve differences we use rule of natural, judge-discovered common law. So we create a condition of Liberty by creating a condition of sovereignty, by cooperating via fully informed warrantied productive voluntary exchange, and resolving disputes by natural judge discovered common law under which we demand contribution to their defense and restitution for offense. And punish, enslave, remove, or kill those who do attempt to create any condition other than Liberty.

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