Nazis and Soros in Ukraine?

Q&A –What’s the story with nazis funded by Soros in Ukraine?—

The story is, this:

Which is more believable: that in a Country the size and population of Canada, whose people look across the border enviously at the prosperity of their extended family in Poland – people who speak approximately the same language, possess approximately the same religion and values – would revolt when their president rejected joining the EU because he was bought and paid for, like everyone else in the government, by the Russian government, in hopes of collapsing the military and civil order sufficiently that Russia could claim a humanitarian excuse for repossessing the territory and restoring the Russian empire by the reuniting of Ukraine, belorus, Prussia, and possibly Kazakhstan?

What’s NOT rational about the red necks in Ukraine like any other country with a surplus of unemployed men, would not gladly take out their frustrations on a government so corrupt that it makes Venezuela look like holy see?

OK. So apparently people in these circumstances, tasting the chance that they might exit unnecessary poverty and corruption are going to be swayed by Soros’s money? The USA was flying almost 10M in cash a week into Ukraine to give to people. But no one in a million years thought the president would flee, because no one in a million years thought that the people would fight that hard.

Soros funds a lot of things.

BTW: I know these guys that are supposedly ‘nazis’ and if you call them right wing nationalists that’s true. They want to crush corruption of the bolsheviks in Russia the same way the germans wanted to crush the bolshevik movement in Europe. There isn’t anything bad about crushing bolshevism, communism, Russian expansion at all. The only thing we can really (over centuries) criticize the nazis about is overconfidence and running out of money to use resettlement camps as labor and finally starvation camps. Fascism is a rational response to communism. It worked. National socialism was a rational response to communism and bolshevism and Trotskyism.

Soros should be in prison like Putin put the oligarchs in prison. I have no idea why we don’t just seize everything he owns and prosecute everyone who works for him. The hard right in ukraine is just a patriotic nationalist movement.

We should not confuse putin’s legitimate constraint of american power, with putin’s illegitimate attempt to restore the russian empire and the corruption endemic to the russian sphere of influence.

Curt Doolittle
The Philosophy of Aristocracy
The Propertarian Institute

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