The Law Of Nature Is The Law Of God.

It is far harder to give moral men a license to kill than to avoid killing. But once possessed of that license and in the absence of fear of retaliation by his peers, and with the opportunity of accolades and status from his peers, the moral man is an unstoppable warrior.

I have been endeavoring to provide moral men with moral license to kill, destroy, harm, and if necessary, subjugate, and even enslave, those who would break god’s law: natural law, and speak other than god’s language ‘natural truth’, and govern by other than god’s rule: rule of law.

Are many gods. Just as there are many suns in the universe. But there is but one set of laws that the universe and we within it operate by. These laws constitute ‘the truth’, and they are the word of the one, and final god, beyond which no other god may transgress.

Your minor gods will not help you when moral men, with gods language, gods laws, punish you and your gods, for transgressions.

Curt Doolittle
The Law of Nature
The Philosophy of Aristocracy
The Propertarian Institute


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