WTH Do You Think I’m Doing (Thesis of the Book)

(worth repeating)

—“Curt! Write a book on this!.”—

lol…. WTF do you think I am doing? 🙂

I don’t write this  ***  for my own entertainment. 🙂

Anyway, this is the general thesis of the book: The Law of Nature.

We invented sovereignty, and from that we developed western civilization as an extension. As we did so we learned to profit from ‘moral’ rule as a further demonstration of heroism (excellence). This sovereign network of industries vs totalitarian manufacturing plant just ‘calculates’ faster than all other possible human orders, because it produces the fewest friction, and the greatest opportunity to take risks.

So we evolved faster than the rest every time we restore our sovereignty, and we slow when we remove it – just like everyone else.

Time to restore our sovereignty.


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