Alt-Right Overplaying Its Hand, and The Horror of the Left.

Tipping a scale is not anchoring the pan.
You cannot win a vote by margin and hold a field.
They have shock, anger, loss of confidence.
You want what you believe is favorable stability.
But you need to create favorable chaos.
The point is not to win by submission.
It is to accelerate the conflict.
to increase the conflict so that the only solution,
is devolution or secession.
In other words, make the opposition unwilling allies.
Push them to adopt your position: fracture.
THE HORROR OF THE LEFT is the realization that their status economy is being destroyed. Their cheap multicultural, anti-white status signals are no longer buying them unearned moral status. They cry louder and longer and become more hysterical, but it buys them nothing. We’re crashing the Left’s status economy. As it fails, there will be a natural shift to new status signals. We need to create that new market, that is the job: create a positive vision and then award status to those who exemplify it. We need to praise our heroes long and loud.

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