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  • Prosecutor vs Educator – But Otherwise Its The Same Message

      Stephan Molyneux won’t engage me. It’s a loss for the movement really. The contrast would be brilliant. SECRET: I might be an effete, but I know who I am marketing to: the same as Trump-the people willing to fight. Stephan argues MORAL CHOICE, and I argue LEGAL LIMITS. His Golden rule and my Silver. […]

  • The Racist Paul Krugman – Wishing White People Dead Even Sooner

    (profound) (read) (share) —“Searching for economic and cultural reasons why middle-aged white Americans are dying sooner.”— Paul Krugman Because you destroyed the family – intentionally, through policy that favored moving labor to capital instead of capital to labor? Because you destroyed the family by ideologically mobilizing women in the workforce, rather than ending their prohibition on […]

  • On CalExit

    The International challenges we face are due to our status as empire. End the empire, focus on local culture and people. Secede. The only value of Geographic scale is the military tax base. The USA is not a country it is an empire. End it. Devolve to Regions. There is no advantage to territorial scale […]

  • The ‘Talk’: Why Are We Stooping To The Left’s Level

    Nov 11, 2016 11:06pm In person i am a gentleman. but i learned a lot from Hayek’s pristine, gentlemanly, german failure with Keynes: never give the enemy an inch out of grace. we aren’t Victorians. this is a street fight. a brawl. and i use broken bottles, brass knuckles, clubs, knives, guns, and every other […]

  • Alt-Right Overplaying Its Hand, and The Horror of the Left.

    THE ALT RIGHT WILL (IS) OVERPLAY ITS HAND Tipping a scale is not anchoring the pan. You cannot win a vote by margin and hold a field. They have shock, anger, loss of confidence. You want what you believe is favorable stability. But you need to create favorable chaos. The point is not to win […]

  • Harsh Words for Dreamers

    Nov 15, 2016 8:09am by James Augustus Berens —“There is a belief popular amongst people who’ve never accomplished anything in life, the idea that one must merely dream or think of what he wants, which is almost always material in nature, and as if by some act of divine will his subjective wants and desires […]

  • The Purpose Of The Electoral College – And The End of the Empire

    THE PURPOSE OF THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE – AND THE FUTURE IS THE END OF THE EMPIRE. The purpose of the electoral college is to prevent immigrant and import/export cities that live in relative luxury at low cost of commons and opportunity, from imposing costs upon those lacking those luxuries in material, normative, and institutional means. […]

  • A Declaration Of War Against The Frauds

    (this ought to get me in trouble) (important piece) Don’t dis on black or other impulsive peoples, we have white trash too. Blacks just haven’t organized to cull their herd as much as we have. They didn’t have winters. The entire warm zone of the planet consists not of failed states but of people who […]

  • The ‘Talk’: Why We Are Stooping to the Left’s Level

    In person i am a gentleman. But I learned a lot from Hayek’s pristine, gentlemanly, german failure with Keynes: never give the enemy an inch out of grace. We aren’t Victorians. This is a street fight. A brawl. And I use broken bottles, brass knuckles, clubs, knives, guns, and every other weapon I can get […]

  • What Do You Consider Yourself?

    DO YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF A CLASSICAL LIBERAL? Maybe. In the sense that we can use the increase in proceeds from the agrarian, industrial, petrochemical, technological, information, and biological revolutions to construct commons by exchanges between houses, then yes. In the sense that we should extend the franchise to those who have not demonstrated ability to […]

  • The New “Right” Class Structures

    I got a lot of heat for this so I pulled it and sat on it for a week. And this morning I’ve added some notes to it for clarity. And sorry if it pisses people off, but it’s right. It is what it is.

  • Q&A On Alt-Right Strategy

    —“Hi Mr. Doolittle, From my (very limited) knowledge of your work, you seem very concerned with legal rights and economic questions (based upon a moral framework), which is a definite departure from many on the Alt-Right who focus primarily on socio-political issues. Do you think it’s a weakness of our movement to avoid discussion of […]

  • The New Right: Returning to Aristocratic Egalitarianism

    (text version) (important) (positive positioning) [It’s what we do. Own it.] Let me stay on message: As a philosopher, I manufacture intellectual weaponry in the war against lies. And I strive to speak truthfully about the causes of the decline of western civilization, and how to repair them permanently. An effort that requires I surface […]

  • Thoughts On  The Emerging New Right

    Aug 24, 2016 2:06pm CENTRAL ARGUMENTS 1) We can no longer hold any belief that we can integrate the postwar generations into the ‘aristocracy of everyone’ including the absolute nuclear family, individual accountability, the civic society, and rule of law. Where we were not defeated ideologically, despite the monopoly conversion of the academy, media, and […]

  • The Old Right -vs- The New Right

    THE OLD RIGHT VS NEW RIGHT The Old Right was “It’s Hopeful If We Are Patient“, and the New Right is “It’s Hopeless, We Must Act“. The hopeful right was a resistance movement hopeful that the leftists would ‘learn’. The right is a hopeless movement that is resigned to the inability others to adopt the […]

  • We are the New Right. They are the Old Right.

    WE ARE THE NEW RIGHT. WE HAVE DISPLACED THE OLD RIGHT. [W]e are no longer peers. We are the creators of the future. We are the thinkers providing the narrative and the strategy and the moral content of the generation. they are the old we are the new. The are gone. We are ascendent. End […]

  • Kudos, and A Question: “Do You Identify With the Label Alt-Right, or New Right?”

    Hi Curt, I wanted to let you know I discovered you and your work after listening to your appearance on The Right Stuff. Very interesting episode that stands out from the rest. I have never had much interest in libertarianism (I came from a left wing anarchist background) but I find all the material coming […]

  • Q&A: “Curt, What Do You Think of The Alt Right Authors?”

    —“I know that myself and others would be interested to read what you have to say about some big names on the alt right. I am assuming you are familiar with the work of the following: Jonathan Bowden, Guilliame Faye, Julius Evola, Alain DeBenoist.”— [C]hris, (all) Great Question Chris. We can communicate using different technologies. […]

  • The Relationship Between (Neo)Reaction and Science

    CONSERVATISM -> REACTION -> PROPERTARIANISM (TESTIMONIALISM) —“Reaction is foremost about embracing reality. An objective reality exists apart whatever stories men may tell themselves. This reality is harsh and bitter as we live in a fallen world. Reality can be denied temporarily, but will always win in the end.”— [I] thought it was a good opportunity […]

  • Traditionalists Will Fail. But We Can Still Succeed

    [C]onservatism, has failed because the enlightenment fallacy of an aristocracy of everyone could never come into being. Darwin put an end to it. We tried to turn our ancient aristocratic ethics into social science, but the european civil war exterminated Germany, where all our conservative aristocratic thought originated. Then the left created a pseudoscience to […]

  • Slowly The Dark Enlightenment Spreads

    SLOWLY THE DARK ENLIGHTENMENT SPREADS Another social science academic concludes that there is little there there. Writing in 1942, the Oxford Professor of Metaphysics, RG Collingwood, said that dismissing academic discussion for insignificant speech is like “scolding little girls for giving dolls’ tea-parties with empty cups and little boys for playing with wooden swords.” Academic […]

  • Paper: Conservatives Have Lost Faith In The Integrity Of Science

    Notes from: Politicization of Science in the Public Sphere: A Study of Public Trust in the United States, 1974 to 2010 — Gordon Gauchat Available at: 1) Their position: Science is, and always has been, political. It will remain political, because the economy of the scientific establishment, and academia in particular, represents a large […]