Some Aphorisms

Unarmed, lacking exit, with four hours of electricity, one day of water, and five days of food. Who do you think is in control?

Immigrant cities are excellent plantations for wage and tax slavery. Unfortunately, they don’t understand that they took the bait.

There is a difference between a city (market) and an immigrant city (plantation).
Democracy provides the immigrant cities with the illusion of influence.

We paid for them. Why deport them? Rule them and tax them.

You think a city is a position of power? A city is a shopping mall with entrances and exits, and a very limited supply of goods. Don’t kid yourself. You are animals in a farm. Democracy is just bait. A trap for wage slaves.

End The Age of Monopoly Rule, and restore the west to it’s genius: markets in everything.

Democracy created the age of monopoly rule, where the west had forever suppressed it. Houses of government created a market, not monopoly.

Nov 15, 2016 12:24pm
You can’t claim an opportunity as your property. You can only claim converted opportunities as your property.

THE PURPOSE OF THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT? A mechanism for the division of spoils from the conquest of a continent. That’s it. that’s all there is to be said

It’s not that economics isn’t empirical.It’s that its largely immoral.But science is a moral discipline. So if it’s immoral is it scientific? No. So economics isn’t scientific.



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