Start Negotiation From ‘We Prefer War’.


Always make sure the opposition understands the choices that you prefer are those that are very undesirable to them. Never enter a negotiation with a presumption of achieving a rational compromise. Instead set the terms of your negotiation at the limits of your preference.

Our current preference is to end democracy, and rule you for profit. If you are governed by natural law but have no access to political power (violence) then this is acceptable. But you have demonstrated a desire to circumvent natural law and use violence, of the state to enslave and diminish us. Therefore we will reciprocate and happily profit from you, but deprive you of the violence you are too infantile and parasitic to master.


3 responses to “Start Negotiation From ‘We Prefer War’.”

    • No idea why anyone would consider me FEEBLE just because I have asthma – so did Teddy Roosevelt. Unless you mean you’re going to run away. In which case I won’t be able to catch you.

      I’m in late middle age but I’ll sell tickets, own your ass, make sure it’s recorded video, and share it with the whole world. Remember than under natural law, I must tolerate your truthful arguments, but your ridicule is merely license to beat, punish, or kill you. So either make an argument and ‘put up’ or don’t make one and ‘shut up’. 😉

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