What Are The Major Differences Between American And German Culture?


  1. There is a reason the stock market is in America, the bond market in the UK, manufacturing in Germany, and Military in Russia: risk – love of risk, pragmatic risk, fear of risk, and dread of risk. This risk perception is (as is true everywhere on earth) a reflection of military prowess and the number of hostile or competing borders.
  2. North Sea Civilization (German Hanseatic) was cut short by the discovery of the Americas. This forced a change in anglo civilization, and between the expansion of the British Empire, it’s emphasis on finance and trade rather than territory, and its nearly monopoly on military power, so that by 1830 anglo commercial and naval civilization had divorced from german craftsman and martial civilization. The change was institutionalized under Disraeli, who changed the empire from a Burkian moral one – of domestication of man – to a purely puritan/cosmopolitan commercial one.
  3. The American culture is purely commercial. Everyone is always ‘serving a customer’. Americans have no other culture than commerce, and never have had. We have no aristocracy to imitate. So our ‘manners’ are not those of the hearth, or the church, or the court – but of the market.
  4. Americans are highly mobile, and have been ‘integrating’ people from different regions for centuries. The american ‘market’ culture evolved to use market manners as the way of signaling against pretense, against status signaling, and in favor of equality. There is a reason why the world capital of advertising is in NY, and media in LA. Everyone sells.
  5. The American population was, until the immigration revision act of 1965 designed to expand the voting base of left-leaning government, roughly half anglo-descendent and half german-descendant. There was an even chance early in that americans would end up speaking either german or english. The upper caste (puritan) was english and dutch and drove the change.
  6. German culture today is heavily influence (wrongly) by the guilt over the world wars. Instead, in retrospect, we can see that it was the Hansa that dragged Europe out of the middle ages and caused the second empirical civilization after ancient Greece. And the Hansa civilization was cut short by the economic opportunity of conquering and populating the new continents. But the germanic expansion that would rid us of muslim and mongol influence was truncated by Anglo Atlantic civilization. And it was, perhaps, the greatest mistake in history after Alexander’s failure to return to Greece.

Germans are no longer the heart of Europe, because to function as a Core State of a civilization you must lead in not only commerce, but in military, in rule, and in thought leadership. To do this requires not accommodation but expansion. Not pragmatism but evolution.

The anglo method has been a failure. Why? Athens -> Sparta -> Rome. UK -> Germany -> America(DC). Navy (commercial) -> Army (civil) -> Empire(expansion)

The Athens-UK, fought with Sparta-Germany, resulting in Rome-USA. But our civilization is germanic, hanseatic, and armies hold territory and culture. Navies just make it all more profitable. This is why american thought leadership in strategic affairs wants america out of Europe. So Germany will restore herself to her prior position, and we can attempt (slowly) to repair our catastrophic mistake.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine


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