Deconflating Slavery


My criticism is of chattel slavery, and this is an other example of the problem of conflation and ideal types instead of spectra.
– Hard Labor Slavery (‘the mines’ etc – throw them away.)
– Chattel Slavery (involuntary, labor, parasitism)
– Punishment Slavery (prisoners)
– Debt Slavery (Bonded [restitution])
– Civic Slavery (The Military [non-substitutable payment])
– Indentured Servitude (Contracted room, board, care)
– Temporary Dependency (children, the ill, room board, care)
– Permanent Dependency (pets, animals, ai’s)
– Possessions (objects and non-sentient life)
I don’t see why we can’t distinguish between each of these, separating the difference between parasitism, punishment, restitution, payment(military service), compensation, and dependency.

I have no problem with voluntary servitude, and I think we should restore and expand it. It’s work for the military for thousands of years, and it worked for private and small businesses for thousands as well. plenty of people would sign up for guaranteed employment in exchange for room, board, and small spending money. for all intents and purposes, some factories in china operate on this principle.

The form of servitude I feel we miss the most are the Regiments that need civic emergency and militia equivalents, and the Monasteries/Nunneries, that need secular intellectual, and labor, equivalents.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev Ukraine.


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