Why Don’t We Have Some Form Of Communism?

The problem is quite simple. It’s just unpleasant. But the universe is not kind. It has no mercy. And science tells us uncomfortable truths.
if you cannot find a means of survival in the market, and others can do so but at lower prices, humanity does not need you. If humanity does not need you then your only choice is to find a means to make your nation, region, tribe, kin, or family need you. The problem with any MONOPOLY order (Fascist, Libertarian, Socialist), and the problem we created in the enlightenment promise that all people could join the middle upper middle, or aristocratic classes, if we expanded either the authoritarian, market, or socialist forms of economy. Instead, we need economies for each of the major classes, because we need to organize each of those classes differently. So monopolies, even monopoly democracy (majoritarianism) turns out to be the problem rather than the solution to the differences in the productivity of the estates of the realm (martial-order, burger-managemnet, craftsman-producer).

There exist only three possible axes of coercion:
– Violence:Law,
– Bribery: Markets and Insurance
– Fraud: Religion, Propaganda, and Deceit

There exist only three axes of cooperation:
– Parasitism:Takings,
– Exchange:Markets,
– Avoidance:Boycott

There exist only three rational axes:
– Predation when possible (immorality),
– Exchange when Possible (morality);
– Avoidance when possible (amorality).

There exist only three methods of negotiation on cooperation.
– Truth(science), Truthfulness, Honesty
– Falsehood: Error, Bias, wishful thinking, suggestion/framing/loading, overloading/pseudoscience/pseudorationalism/propaganda, and deceit.
– Silence.

There exist only three axes of Organization
– Predation(parasitism,
– Exchange(production),
– Separation (resistance)

There exist only three possible axes of decidability for cooperative organizations:
– Deliberate Selection via Authoritarianism (Fascism)
– Pragmatic Eugenic Meritocracy (Markets)
– Dysgenic Malthusian Equalitarianism (Socialism)

The earth tells us a very clear, very obvious, very loud message: there are too many of us. Humans are not precious or special or valuable or intrinsically good. We are rational super predators organized by the application of violence and law, market and productivity, and norm and family.


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