The Restoration: The Secret Of Western Civilization: Propertarianism In A Nutshell

(propertarianism core)

We can restore the west’s evolutionary trajectory as the principle source of mankind’s innovation, restore our people and our civilization, and overthrow a century and a half of pseudoscience, by restoring to the common law the organizing principle of sovereignty – and consequential markets in everything, with just one law: truthful speech by the involuntary warranty of due diligence against error, bias, suggestion, obscurantism, pseudoscience and deceit, for the purpose of circumventing a voluntary, fully informed, warrantied, voluntary exchange, limited to productive externalities, by the imposition of costs against property in toto: that broad spectrum of things, relationships, behaviors, and commons, which we have borne costs to inventory, without imposing costs upon the things, behaviors, and commons of others.

This warranty is achieved by proofs (demonstrations) of consistency in 1) categorical consistency, 2) internal consistency, 3) empirical consistency, 4) existential consistency, 5) moral consistency, 6) scope consistency. And while it might take a small effort to learn how to provide these warranties on all information, just as we have learned to provide warranties on products, warranties on services, and limited warranties on the reporting of basic research, we can complete the scientific method and require these proofs on all information.

In every era we invent new expansions of the method of cooperation we call the division of perception, cognition, knowledge, labor, and advocacy. But in doing so we create greater asymmetries of knowledge, and therefore new opportunities to invent means of benefitting from the imposition of costs upon others that we call ‘parasitism’. And we rely upon courts, testimony, jury, judge, empirical truth, and the accumulated empirical knowledge of the common law of torts, to incrementally suppress and render illegal each innovation in parasitism as soon as the first case adjudicated is recorded for reference by other lawyers, prosecutors, and judges.

The west was not first, nor wealthiest, nor possessed of greater numbers, superior resources, superior climate. But instead, by accident of circumstance, chose Sovereignty as their principle of organization – a choice which is possible only under empirical, testimonial speech we call ‘truth’, and a market for the resolution of any negotiation, exchange, or conflict – depriving all of authority over anything other than the preservation of sovereignty. Europeans created the distributed dictatorship of sovereign men, open to any man willing and able to reciprocally insure every other against violations of his sovereignty.

This choice resulted in a civilization that calculates advancements faster than all other organizing models, and produces the least opportunity for parasitism and rents. And it is this velocity in the ancient and modern worlds that has allowed the west to defeat the red queen of corruption, and drag mankind kicking and screaming out of ignorance, superstition, mysticism, justificationism, conflationism, deception, hunger, poverty, physical labor, cellular decay, disease, and increasingly, the vicissitudes of nature, in an unforgiving universe hostile to life in all but the rarest of exceptions.

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