Why Do Some Caucasian Men Prefer Asian Women?


While descending from two widely separated waves “generations” that moved out of Africa, Whites have succeeded in significant juvenilization. Asians have succeeded in far greater juvenilization. Asian women are the most juvenilized women on earth. To the point at which they have even gained extended lifespans by delaying the depth of and onset of sexual maturity (compare to central asians, arabs, and sub saharan africans that have NOT engaged in juvenilization.) Secondly, for reasons I am not sure I am confident in addressing, Asians distribute their fat more evenly. And thirdly, Asian IQ is slanted to our educated classes (I suspect it is a narrower distribution because of the juvenilization – and the asian predilection for killing off malcontents in large numbers). So between a ‘more immature look’, more petite look, better weight distribution, and higher average intelligence, the pool of asian women is objectively better than the pool of available white women. Conversely asian women pay a price for mongoloid facial features, and in places like eastern europe where women maintain their weight and walk a great deal, and dress well, asian women lose their advantage.

That’s just how it is. (I spend an absurd amount of time on mating patterns.)

That said, it’s largely asian women and white men that account for the increase in American race mixing, since the other numbers are remaining relatively stable. (relatively).

This is yet another example of the fact that all human behavior can be reduced to some statement analogous to economics.

Asian women are a better ‘buy’ than white women for average males. White males are often a much better buy than equivalent asian males who have their own decreased market value. Largely because asians seem to require high context culture (which I won’t go into) and whites thrive in low context cultures. (as is evident in our languages). So asian men in asia and here are at a disadvantage.



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