Series: Coherence, Judgement, Truth


Bill, (All),

I had to think about this overnight, but I think you’ve given me a way to speak about the difference between:
internal coherence (decidability in pursuit of preferences)
and judgement (decidability in resolution of conflict).

And I am going to have to incorporate the three factors somehow:
1) competitive utility of personal and cooperative rallying to social opportunity (coherence)
2) competitive utility of decidability in cross preference conflict (judgement)
3) competitive utility of physical transformation (truth)

Even if by ‘competitive utility’ i’m referring to the anything between the red queen (evolution-nature outside of present), Time(scarcity in the present), survival, reproductive success, social success, and economic success, and personal fulfillment.

I have had a very hard time finding a way of expressing this and I think between your statement and my understanding of peterson’s ‘literary and platonic’ I think I’m getting closer. And I think these are the three categories in the series of decidability.

Coherence > Judgement > Truth
Literature > Law > Science
Ideation > Decision > Action

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

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