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  • The Circle of Literature

    THE CIRCLE OF LITERATURE Mythical Literature (supernormalism) .. Narrative Literature (hypothetical normalism) .. .. Historical Literature (normalism) .. .. .. Biographical Literature .. .. .. .. Legal Literature .. .. .. .. .. Scientific Literature .. .. .. .. Essay Literature (personal literature) .. .. .. Philosophical Literature .. .. Religious Literature (Supernatural authoritarianism) .. […]

  • Hierarchy of Knowledge – Two Views of Same Conclusion

    THE NEW HIERARCHY OF KNOWLEDGE 0) Physics (Existence) 1) … Time, Man, Action (old Metaphysics – Limits) 2) … … Acquisitionism (old Psychology) 3) … … … Testimony (old Epistemology) – “Science”) 4) … … … … Ethics (old Sociology) 5) … … … … … Production (Old economics) 6) … … … … … […]

  • Love Exists…. Where it can.

    Sexual love, romantic love, family love, friendship love, universal love. They all exist. But like anything else biological, they exist only in conditions under which it they are possible to exist. Worry about the conditions, and the love will occur. Worry about the love and ignore the conditions, and it cannot

  • Natural Law

    If we define Moral Intuitions as the reactions we feel in response to our thoughts and actions and those of others. If we define Normative Morality as the reactions we feel given  for methods of decidability given some set of assumptions. If we define philosophy (positive and literary) as the search for methods of decidability within a […]

  • The Dimensions of Reality: Mathematics As Science of Measurement – But Stated Badly

    Mar 22, 2017 11:08am I THINK THIS MIGHT BE HARD FOR YOU BUT …. (mathematics and truth) (very important) (hot gates pls read) The answer is quite simple: you just demonstrated proof of operational construction and named that series of actions. Reality consists of the following actionable and conceivable dimensions: 1 – point, (identity, or […]

  • The Layer Cake of Social Order

    THE LAYER CAKE OF SOCIAL ORDER REPUTATION (…) Weapon: Ostracization (death sentence) Records: Memory of Locals RELIGION Religion evolved to provide understanding of the word, virtues to imitate, and general prohibitions, across clans, tribes, and conquered nations, so that people could cooperate more easily and retaliate (feud) less frequently. Weapon: ostracization (deprivation from opportunity) Records: memory of […]

  • Series: Models of Decidability … And explanation of the importance of Series

    SERIES: MODELS OF DECIDABILITY (very important)(advanced) Michael Andrade teased me the other day for posting so many series, often without resolution. Why? Each series is an attempt at creating a proof. An attempt to create a set, series, sequence, spectrum, that increases the precision of every definition by its membership in that spectrum. I try […]

  • Series: Coherence, Judgement, Truth

    SERIES: “COHERENCE, JUDGEMENT, TRUTH” Bill, (All), I had to think about this overnight, but I think you’ve given me a way to speak about the difference between: – internal coherence (decidability in pursuit of preferences) – and judgement (decidability in resolution of conflict). And I am going to have to incorporate the three factors somehow: […]

  • Series: Definitions: Economic Schools

    ECONOMIC SCHOOLS IN ONE LESSON (from elsewhere) Can I put the seed of an idea in your head? AUSTRIAN (German – Science) Austrian School: the search for economics of social science (natural law), and the means of improving institutions of cooperation without interference in the information system of the economy. Assumes the civilizational, generational, business, […]

  • Series: Instrumental Extensions of our Memories

    Symbols provide an improvement upon memory. Writing symbols evolved to create lists of inventory. A journal is an improvement upon lists. An accounting system is an improvement over a journal. A hierarchical database is just the automation of an accounting system. A relational database is just an advancement over an accounting system. A document store […]

  • Aristocracy: We Ask Cooperation of those with Agency, or its Promise

    We don’t ask cooperation of beasts We don’t ask cooperation of domesticated animals. We don’t ask cooperation of pets We don’t ask cooperation of children We don’t ask cooperation of the incapable We don’t ask cooperation of those without agency. We ask little cooperation of those who request subsidy. We ask more cooperation of those […]

  • SERIES: Means of Rule

    THE ACCUMULATION AND CONSUMPTION OF CAPITAL CREATED THROUGH INCREASING AND DECREASING ORGANIZATION AUTHORITARIAN RULE (WAR – EVOLUTION ) Fascism (Authoritarianism) is the means by which we use the violence of the state to organize the entire society to solve a small, urgent, problem, of war, economic war, religious war, demographic war, or rapid economic transformation. […]

  • Correcting Aristotle’s Categories of Philosophy

    The Law of Nature “Correcting Aristotle on Categories of Philosophy” Physical Laws (Transformation) – THE NECESSARY Physics: Astronomy, Chemistry, Biology, Sentience, Engineering, Mathematics Law of Man (properties of man) (Action) – THE POSSIBLE Acquisition, perception, memory, psychology, sociology Natural Law – Cooperation – THE GOOD Ethics, morality, law, economics Law of Testimony – THE TRUE […]

  • Sequence: Criteria for Membership

    If you respect life, limb, property, commons, norm, and law, you obtain the insurance of juridical defense: rule of law. If you produce income, pay taxes, you gain access to membership in the Jury. If you acquire property, you marry, and you have children, you gain access to membership in the house of common people. If […]

  • Christendom: Circumpolar Civilization

    Nov 12, 2016 12:58am CIRCUMPOLAR CIVILIZATION ‘CHRISTENDOM’ 1) anglo ,empirical, common law, christian, utopian trust, 2) continental, rational, napoleonic, protestant, high trust 3) mediterranean, traditional, napoleonic, catholic low trust 4) eastern, traditional, moral, catholic, low trust 5) russian, tradictional, soviet law, orthodox, lowest trust

  • Consequences of Sovereignty


  • Comparative Religion: Group Strategies

    Nov 18, 2016 6:37am 1) Aryan Expansion of sovereignty, domestication, and invention.(E) 2) (Reformed) Christian expansion of duty, trust, and production.(E) 3) Jewish expansion of separatism, deceit, and parasitism.(E/D) 4) Marxist expansion of rebellion, pseudoscience, and parasitism.(D) 5) Islamic expansion of submission, ignorance, and predation. (D) (E: eugenic/domestication. D:dysgenic/un-domestication. E/D: internal eugenic and external dysgenic)

  • Defining Philosophy

    WORKING ON DEFINING PHILOSOPHY I have been working on defining philosophy (because like truth, it wasn’t defined before). And you know, there are a few ways to approach it: western philosophy (argumentative methodology) or philosophy in all cultures (multiple argumentative methodologies). And whether the philosophy is literary and imaginative (possibilities), escapist (most), a form of […]

  • A Correction of “Truth, Goodness, And Beauty”

    THE ORIGINAL WASN”T QUITE RIGHT Sovereignty, Truth, Excellence, and Beauty. The original truth, goodness, and beauty betrayed an unfortunate lack of understanding. ……S E….+…..B ……T

  • Forms Of Argument in Retrospect

    Forms of argument evolve just like mathematics did: adding layers of precision Myth (narrative analogy) Religion (Internally consistent myth) Reason ( possibility ) Rationalism. ( justificationism ) Analytic rationalism. ( Consistency ) Existential criticism ( Operationalism) You see. In hindsight it’s obvious. It wasn’t though 😉

  • Types of Promise(Warranty)

    Unless one starts with a definition of truth these are fairly meaningless words. More desperate attempts to apply axiomatic or theoretic rules to loaded, framed, colloquial speech without the awareness that colloquial speech evolved to tolerate laziness, obscure ignorance, convey moral promise, and as such is neither axiomatic or theoretic but merely “meaningful”: conveying associations […]

  • There Is Only One ‘Philosophy’ If We Speak The Truth. The Rest Is Ignorance, Error, Bias And Lies

    (very important for anyone interested in philosophy) *(How should we teach Philosophy? Let me tell you.)* One can teach philosophy as historical LITERATURE(Errors, Lies and Failures). Or one can teach philosophy as the evolution of TRUTH TELLING (science). If you want to teach the history of TRUTH then you teach western philosophy – at least […]

  • The Correct Answer To “What Are Human Rights”

    *(Answers to this question show the tragedy of a late 20th-century education.)* Necessary (Correct) Definitions: Right: a contractual obligation by another party to perform some actions, and refrain from other actions Negative Right: a contractual obligation by another party to refrain from actions: to forgo opportunities for gains. Positive Right: a contractual obligation by another […]

  • What Do We Meany by Natural Law?

    (with updates by Doolittle) A Little History of Natural Law – From The Good, to the Moral, to the Rational, to the Scientific. What is Law? Law, in its generic sense, is a body of rules of action or conduct prescribed by controlling authority, and having binding legal force. That which must be obeyed and […]

  • Repositioning Economics, Sociology, Philosophy and Law

    [S]o today I have discussed repositioning economics as social science, and social science as pseudoscience. And repositioning philosophy as positive aspirational literature of rationalist priests, and negative critical law, of empirical judges. This mirrors the epistemological method of creative free association to arrive at hypothesis, and criticism to test theories in the hope of discovering […]