Do Highly Academically Accomplished People Often Deliberately Make Themselves Non-open Because Too Much Openness Would Distract Them?

I will give you the honest answer, but you won’t like it.

The problem is that the answer to most questions that people would ask is:

—-”I have a limited amount of time and I try to spend it wisely, and that would be a poor use of my time”—-


—-”That question is so trivial, and so readily available on google, that I can’t believe you are so lazy that you’re asking me instead”—-


—-“You are far to ignorant and stupid to comprehend the answer to your question in the amount of time I can afford to donate to you.”—-

Rather than tell you those honest bits of truth they stay silent.

(Myself, I use the public as experimental subjects, but my category of work allows me to do that. Mostly, though, honestly – most questions are too costly to answer. So I publish everything I write and hope that people just ‘read along’ for a while, and it works.)

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