What Do You Know About National Human Rights Commission?

It is a meddlesome Marxist Institution advocating parasitism by the underclasses against the productive middle classes.

The only possible human rights are property rights to your life, your body, your thoughts, your actions, that which you have obtained in trade.

There exist no other possible rights, since the only rights universally possible are those that we are universally capable of delivering to one another. If we cannot universally deliver it cannot be a human right. Ergo, the only rights possible are non-interference and non imposition against the life, body, thoughts, actions, and possessions and interests obtained in trade.

So our ‘rights’ mirror our obligations. We cannot claim a right without declaring it our obligation, and we cannot claim a right or obligation that we cannot act upon. Therefore the only rights and obligations that are possible are to NOT DO SOMETHING.

The primary right and obligation that we have not imposed is the right to bear children only that we can afford, and the obligation to bear children only that we can afford, and to NOT bear children we cannot afford.

This is the one remaining human right that we must struggle produce. Because at present thi sis the cause of the violation of every other human right: creating a moral hazard by violating the rights of others, by producing offspring you cannot provide for, thereby requiring subsidy from those others who can.

The human obligation not to bear offspring we cannot afford is the cause of poverty.

But women will never tolerate this law, and this is the purpose of the Human RIghts Commission: to prevent the imposition of the only missing human right and obligation.

Do you understand?

That woman and that man, who create children that they cannot provide for are the people who must be punished if we are to obtain human rights for all.


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