Age Of Supercars Has Returned To Sports Cars

I don’t think much about cars any longer – I haven’t since I moved to Ukraine, where an SUV is about the only vehicle that’s practical.

But that said, in light of Ferrari’s Portofino release, I’ve gotta say again that the era of ‘pretend race cars’ is finally over and I’m freaking glad. I loved the 355, was uncomfortable with the 360, and thought the 430 and the many peers in that generation were a joke that screamed nouveau riche like lamborghinis scream tasteless tech nerd or room temperature IQ oil money, and corvettes scream cowboy boots and gold chains.

The Aston Martin DB9 is a much better car in every respect, and the Jaguar F type spectacular. If you are not physically large, you’re just as well or better off with a Cayman, whch is honestly the best sports car you can buy. And if Porsche didn’t nerf it, it’d blow away the 911.

Take any of these cars in red. Dechrome it (remove all the stupid trinkets, and add an enamel logo badge to the fenders, and you’ll get all the attention you could ever want.

And if you do it with the Cayman or the Jaguar you’ll be happier. And if you do it with the jaguar you won’t even be frightened of the dealership or repair costs.

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