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If you love a woman very much, and you miss her every day, and have been away from her for an entire year, it is both the most wonderful feeling of certainty in that love you feel, as well as the most painful feeling of moments lost – opportunities passed. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

I have found it very difficult to find women to respect, just as many women have found it difficult to find men to respect. It is much easier to find women to respect among the middle classes, and among the catholics and orthodox, than it is among all the remaining peoples – protestant included.

You must find one smart enough that she finds you interesting – she can learn from you. Limited in craziness so that you can reach her in her feminine spirals. You must find one beautiful enough that you feel lucky. And if you are an alpha, one that is strong enough to stand up to you.

These traits apply to both genders reciprocally.

I have been lucky in life in that these women have found me. I have not found them. I am just me.

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