I work in cycles. I kill a problem. Takes me months. Then integrate it. Then re-synthesize, and then move on. Most people saw me work on religion for the first half of the year, then I’ve been working on grammar since mid august. meanwhile I’m synthesizing religion. There is absolutely nothing you, me or anyone else can do to accelerate the process, except give me time to work and sleep. My mother’s health has mostly recovered. My health has mostly recovered. Or at least in the next 90 days or so I will have probably gotten there.

The political market has changed. I didn’t realize the alt-right would crash and burn so fast, so I thought I was behind. Now, I’m not behind again. The next election cycle will present the opportunity. That means we want to start being aggressive this coming summer or fall.

I have an underlying issue in that I need to remain politically neutral until after I fund the software company. It’s already become difficult. But I need to get a bit of funding for that before I switch to full radical. Not so much because of me, but because I have a lot of friends invested in that product. And that product is revolutionary. And if successful funds everything I can imagine – which was my reason for doing it.

So this is why I am happy to position myself as a libertarian trying to solve the problem for both sides. But that’s just the next step in my strategy.



(use truth)

2) Our positioning “the status quo is both intolerable and immoral, so do we choose Devolution (separation), Evolution(markets) or Revolution(rolling the dice)?”

3) We will have a revolution otherwise. And it will not be conducted by marches and protests where the left will be assisted by the state and the right prosecuted, but by direct action and civil war. If we cannot obtain our ends politically, and we cannot obtain them through protest, then the only means of obtaining them is war.

4) Universal Nationalism according to whatever reproductive strategy benefits the group with which you identify. This allows us to produced polities that suit different group strategies. All opposition is simply genocide. You cannot oppose this position without engaging in genocide.

5) Forms of government can vary depending upon the needs of the group. We realize that the demand for Caesars increases with the duration of the conflict, but that rule of law allows for the production of any kind of polity. We suggest that market fascism so to speak, is superior to discretionary fascism. But that the optimum form of government is one, like the roman, that is market driven under prosperity, and fascist during war.

6) Push out Content on Propertarianism. Release a set of courses. The purpose of Propertarian content is to (a) help you understand what is special about the west, (b) help you understand how the west has been defeated in the past, (c) help you understand how to counter the abrahamic defeats of the west, and (d) help you understand the LIMITS of western civilization, beyond which we cannot reach, and (d) help other nations and civilizations understand their own problems, how to improve upon them, and produce whatever order they choose – rationally and without fictionalisms.

7) Interviews or conference on “What is Next for the West: Devolution, Evolution or Revolution?”
8) Produce events – *Feasts* then we will Celebrate, Take ‘oaths’, Practice, rather than protest.
9) Increase revenue – “Raise Money for Revolution” Production Volume and Money. I need at least one person part time, if not two (help with content, help with marketing). Funding three people is expensive. So basically we need to Build and fund an organization.
10) Our goal should be to attract big donors. I’d prefer lots of $1 per month people and a few big donors. Big donors are possible if you have a message. I think we have a message with E/R rather than i’m right you’re wrong so to speak. I think revolution plus policy gets us donors.

11) Back Channel – work with agitators but balance with progressives. Preserve appearance of neutrality. (libertarian choice).
12) build infrastructure outside of mainstream (command and control network)

4) Science, Politics, or ‘Religion’? Religion/Oath Reformed Christianity? What is the positioning? (Ancestor worship.) Can I , can we, unite, Science(Truth and Law) and Religion(Wisdom and Ritual). And I think that it’s possible.

It is clear to me that the religion (if that is even the right term) is the path people WANT to follow. I still have trouble with the difference between Law (truth), history, mythology, and ‘occult nonsense’ that the whacky fringe seems to need.

But starting with feasts, as all religions start, we can make it happen.

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