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I appreciate the new tech. Really. But, a 1911 is an extension of my body. Why? I trained with it. It’s nothing but form and function. It’s a craftsman’s tool. It’s thin, points naturally, is long enough for sight picture, it’s ‘condition’ is visible. It’s single action – and always ‘hot’. It has a perfect trigger that can be tuned even more. It’s heavy enough to absorb the recoil of a fat, heavy, round. And makes it a big messy hole without passing thru the target or obstacles.

My kick is this:
|SERIES|: Fist > knife > pistol(single) > revolver > semi auto > smg >auto carbine > auto battle rifle > machine gun > heavy machine gun.

In other words, we are always having the wrong argument: a pistol is a gun to get a gun, a duelling weapon, or an assassination weapon like the knife.

And if you watch how we train 9mm, we train 9mm to mimic an SMG.

The minimum small arm is a machine pistol with 30 rounds.

So, why not just use an smg/machine pistol?

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