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You sometimes speak of jews having “inverted sexual dimorphisms”.

Could you elaborate on that or maybe provide some sources?

From my experience it’s certainly fair to say that jews have reduced sexual dimorphisms, e.g. jewish women are more assertive than aryan women, but not more assertive than jewish men. On a scale of manliness it might look like that:

|—-W—-M—-| …for jews
|–W——–M–| …for aryans

So the span is smaller but (as I see it) not inverted. Another possible source of variation is translation:

|—W—-M—–| …for jews
|–W——–M–| …for aryans

The span probably affects sex relations. A less submissive woman probably means more infighting. On a social scale that might explain the rise of feminism after emancipation (jewesses rebelling against gentile males unable to handle them).

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