I’m Not Trying To Convert, But To Deny Falsehood The Field


Every time a libertarian hits me with nonsense, I respond.

I hear from converted people every day. So I clearly convert people. Although, I am not trying to convert anyone. I’m denying falsehood the field – from every abrahamic part of the spectrum. I’m trying to provide people who will use violence to restore sovereignty with arguments.

If you understand my work (and the science) then people are not converted from a genetic moral intuition. The best we can do is eliminate falsehoods so that they are forced to choose the best existentially possible solution and act in favor of it, rather than fantasize over an impossible ideal solution, and take no meaningful action – because no meaningful action is possible in the atempt to produce the impossible.

It’s analogous to the debate of capitalism vs socialism rather than rule of law vs arbitrary rule. We have been confused by this falsehood. The same is true with socialism, libertarianism, neoconism: the question is only rule of law or arbitrary rule, and kin vs universalism.

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