Why Do Women Hit Me?

(humor with wisdom)

lolz… why do all the women in my life always threaten me with bodily harm? I have to teach every woman around me not to hit me. Really.

(Answer from a woman: “It’s retaliation. You tease too much, and you have no boundaries, and you aren’t even aware of anyone else’s boundaries. So we retaliate by the only means possible: a whack in the head, or the promise of something worse.”)

(Ok. That’s true. lol My understanding of my subconscious is that Women need sovereignty in a nest because they don’t have it elsewhere. But women need boundaries outside the next. And they need boundaries regarding me, money, business, politics, and war. So I set them. With a bit of humor. But the ‘law’ is clear: none of that nonsense outside the nest. 😉 )

God I love women. Really. I mean. Seriously. I just don’t want to compete with them outside the nest, because I don’t want to win, because I can win, but I dont like the consequences of winning.

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