Perfect Government

They are all just women. That is all that they can be. It is what most prefer to be. And truth is irrelevant to women, since that is a matter of contractual constraint and non compromise. They care only for non-conflict( consensus), possibility, consumption.

So the journey for men, is to limit women to reciprocity and possibility, not preference, good, or truth.

“I can do that for you”, and “I cannot do that for you”, and “I can only do that for you (when conditions are met)”, are in the vocabulary of women’s understanding.

The fact that we added women to the men’s voting pool, but did not provide for them a separate house, as we had the nobility(lords), the property owners people(commons), and the labor (church) is the problem of modernity – not their participation in the market for commons or the market for labor.

Markets force cooperation on means despite incompatibility of ends, and construct compromises. Whereas democracy and false equality create markets for propaganda, deception, and bribery of voters through forcible takings and distributions..

When we have opposing reproductive and evolutionary interests, and we have different means of coercion of one another (violence vs seduction), different preferences (numbers versus excellences, equality and consensus vs hierarchy and truth), then the only solution to cooperation that preserves an honest high trust society is a market constructed for the purpose of trade between peoples of different interests.

The market for consumption (Self), the market for fixed capital (home), the market for reproduction (family), the market for production(goods, services, and information), the market for the production of commons(‘govt’), and the market for polities, all regulated by the one law of reciprocity – provides a ‘perfect’ hierarchy of ‘perfect’ institutions that assist us in achieving our differing goals, with differing abilities, by the service of one another’s means, despite our differing ends.

We had the perfect government, built by the aristocracy, and the failure of the aristocracy to expand the houses to replace the church (family and labor), and to expand the houses to include women, broke the meritocratic hierarchy that for millennia had maximized liberty and prosperity by demonstrated merit, by assisting in incremental, demonstrated loyalty and ability by the product of one’s efforts, and the demonstrated consistency of the intergenerational family as an insurer of individual performance.

The one law of reciprocity (tort).
An independent ‘cult’ of the law: the judiciary.
An hereditary monarch as a judge of last resort.
A cabinet of professionals in service of the monarch.
A market for the production of commons (non-consumables) consisting of houses for each of the classes: military, judicial, regional (governors), commerce (property), mothers (women), and dependents(underclasses).
That market produces contracts, not legislation or law.
All contracts ascend unless vetoed by the military, judiciary or King as judge of last resort.
All funds raised are produced by contract between the houses.
All employees the monarchy serve at the pleasure of the king – without exception.
The only ‘Tax’ (non-discretionary cost) for all is 3% of GDP for the military and militia, 1% for the monarchy(use with total discretion), and .01% for the judiciary, raised by the houses.

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